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Movierulz is an online streaming site, you can enjoy watching movies in various languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Malayalam dubbed, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, and so on. From Bollywood to Hollywood tons of movies are available to watch on Movierulz for free. You don’t need to bear many adverts, besides offering movies in different languages Movierulz also offers you to watch movies in many genres. There are multiple interesting features available on this site, which makes it worthy enough to stream movies. Registration on Movierulz is not needed, so you can basically stream various movies on this amazing streaming platform without following any sign up formalities.


Movie rulz platform also allows you to download movies with a single click. So you can download your favorite movies in advance to watch them later offline according to your will and time availability. Downloaded movies will be stored in your device. Also, no money is required to download or to stream on Movie rulz. There are many options available for you to watch but as it is a free site so stay careful while using the site, as sometimes free sites store the information or personal data of their users. Else, the streaming quality of this site is good enough to watch your favorite movie. Enjoy streaming your favorite movies and series on Movierulz.

What Is Movierulz Movie rulz, Website?

This is a movie streaming site, that is solely made for the audience, to enjoy their favorite Bollywood or Hollywood movies, in different languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam dubbed, Kannada, and many more. Tons of movies are available for you to stream on Movierulz in various genres, for free. The user interface is not complicated, once you explore it for a few minutes you will become familiar with the options available. You can easily search for a movie by its name, and a list of movies are available according to their relevant years which makes it more simple to use. The site remains updated with the latest content.

Is It Safe To Use Movierulz ?

Actually, this site does not provide content legally and hence it is not a legal site. It falls under the category of pirated service, which makes it illegal to operate. Although, there are no issues related to safety, for this site as it won’t ask for your personal information and hence does not proves to be harmful to your device in any direct manner but the pop up adverts visible on this site is a matter of concern as sometimes these pop ups result in injecting malicious or plugins on your device that affect the working of your system. As mentioned earlier, content on this site is pirated so you need to be careful.

Movierulz Features and Things To Know About It

Movierulz offers various features like:-

Downloading and Streaming – There are numerous sites available for streaming just like Movierulz. As the audience for streaming is increasing nowadays, people prefer to watch according to their will, at their own place. So the number of streaming sites is also growing. Because of this popularity and demand, generally, websites ask you to pay in order to stream or download your favorite movies or series but Movierulz is free to stream or even download as well. You can download movies and series for free. You don’t need to pay for streaming or downloading any movie.

User Friendly Layout – This site offers a user-friendly interface, which allows users of any age to operate it very easily. You will not face any issues for searching your favorite content as a search bar is available at the top of the page. Also, the site is well categorized according to different categories, so it is not complicated and hence anyone can use it easily, after exploring it for a few minutes. Apart from streaming movies, you can also go for a live Tv feature that is offered by Movierulz. The servers of this site offer fast video streaming without interruptions. Because of its fast speed, Movierulz provides the best user experience to its audience. The new version of this site is well updated and the bugs of the previous version are not there anymore.

Huge & Updated Database – The content is well structured and divided into categories, which makes it easy to look for various options according to your favorite genre. You can search any movie with its name and categories available on the site make it simpler to explore for your new watch list. Also, personalization in themes is there, to match the needs according to an individual. Make sure to avoid clicking the pop ups in between else you can enjoy your binge watching time freely anytime anywhere and it works best if you grab some snacks.

No Sign Up or Registration Required – Sign up and registration is not required on the site so just enter the site, search for your favorite movie and start watching. The apk version doesn’t need much space, so it can be operated on any smartphone without many issues. But it is advisable to not use it for a long time because of safety purposes. If you are a lover of Hindi or Telugu films then you can download the app version for its best service.

Note:- app should be downloaded at one’s own risk because its pirated content is illegal, and you might face some issue under the “Anti Piracy Act”.

How To Use Movierulz, Movie rulz, to Download Movies and For Online Streaming?

It is super easy to download movies whether it is a Hollywood or a Bollywood movie anyone can download it without any confusion with the easy interface of Movierulz. Following are the steps to download a movie from Movierulz:-

  • Enter the site Movierulz.
  • Now click the search bar and type the name of the movie you are searching for.
  • Tap on the icon or poster that appears on the screen.
  • You will see a download link.
  • Hit the button “Download”.
  • Possibly some useless sites will appear as well. Don’t worry and search for the download button somewhere else.
  • After hitting the download button, the movie will be stored on your device for watching anytime.
  • Now you are done, just add a popcorn bucket and your favorite snacks and start watching your favorite movie.

Or if you want to stream then try to use Wifi for better speed and quality.

FAQs Related To Movierulz movie rulz Website

Is Movierulz App Available?

Yes, an app for this website is available where you can stream movies in different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc but because of its pirated and illegal content, you need to download it at your own risk. As sometimes malicious extensions and cache develop in the device which may harm the working of your system.

Can You Download Movies From Movierulz?

Although it is not legal, still Movierulz offers the advantage to download your favorite movie. The MPAA mentioned that these illegal sites of streaming or downloading movies fall under or are labeled  “notorious piracy websites” all over the world. This streaming site is owned and managed by people at unknown locations. The main source of earning for them is through adverts. Although they don’t use Google Adsense for pop ups that appear on the site.

Do We Need To Pay Anything To Use Movierulz?

No, this is a free site and owners make money with the help of adverts. They do not use Google Adsense for those ads but still, ads are their major source of income from the site. So basically you don’t need to pay anything for streaming or downloading your favorite movie of any language or genre.

What to do if Movierulz does not work?

Check your internet connection. You can refresh the page or try again after some time. As the site is banned so it is possible that it won’t work, you can check other sites related to Movierulz or download the app of this site which then possibly makes it easier for you to stream or download content. But make sure to download it at your risk. Otherwise, try using VPN, there are various tutorials available for guidance.

Do Not Support Piracy 

Here we’ve just shared MovieRulz websites information. we do not encourage or support piracy at any cost.

Final Words

It is very simple to stream or download any movie using the Movierulz website. It is a free site so you don’t need to pay anything. You can search easily and enjoy the latest movies in different languages. But the only issue with this site is that it is not legal and is banned by the Indian government because of the use and availability of pirated content.

Because of this, you need to be careful while streaming or downloading. We will keep this post updated with more information about Moveirulz, so keep visiting this post to know about it. If you have used this website before or know something that we might have missed in this post, then you can let us know about it via the comments below.

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