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Nowadays, it is very simple to search for your favorite movie. There are numerous sites available and literally, every movie is at your fingertips now within a few seconds. But searching for movies in your regional language sometimes gets complicated. So in this article, we have covered this problem. Now you can easily search for your favorite regional language movies with Moviesda. Moviesda makes this task simple for you. This is a platform that offers all kinds of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and so on movies. If you are searching for your favorite Tamil movie, but you are unable to find it on another streaming platform, then considering Moviesda won’t make you regret it.



As mentioned earlier, Moviesda is a site for watching Tamil, Malayalam and other regional language movies for free. Also, they offer you to download your favorite movie at no cost. You will be able to see the latest content on this site. Moviesda, and other streaming platforms similar to this one result in making producers suffer in terms of their income as these sites leak the latest movies within a few hours. The box office collection drops down because of these and on average the film industry bears a loss of around $3 billion per year. Talking about Moviesda, this site offers English, Hindi, Telugu and movies in many other languages.

What Does Moviesda Offer?

This site allows you to download movies in various languages, mainly Tamil and Malayalam. Besides that, on Moviesda, an option for downloading Bollywood and Hollywood is also available.  So basically there is a wide range available for movies to download and enjoy for free. They don’t charge anything for downloading. So if a payment option is there then you are probably on the wrong site. A unique point of this site is that, on Moviesda, tons of Bollywood and Tamil songs are available in the format of MP3. You can download any content available on the site, new or old.

Is Using Moviesda Safe?

As Moviesda is a pirated site and offers content illegally, downloading movies from this site is not safe. Because Tv serials and other videos uploaded on the site are pirated, that is why In India this site is banned. If someone downloads movies from Moviesda or any similar pirated website then for those people, the Indian Government has authority to take action under piracy law. Besides this, websites like Moviesda store the personal data of their audience while they download any video or movie. Still, if you want to enjoy a movie using this site do it at your own risk.

Features and Things You Need To Know About Moviesda

Downloading Movies – You can download numerous movies, shows, and Bollywood songs in MP3 format as well and the specialty of this site is that it offers regional language based movies, songs, and shows like Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, English, and so on. So if you are searching for a movie like this then you can consider Moviesda. Many Bollywood and Hollywood movies can be easily downloaded from this site. But as it is an illegal site that’s why download it at your own risk.

Basic Interface – The interface of Moviesda is very simple; anyone can easily use it without any complications. There is a search bar available on the page for searching the movie that you are looking for and it also shows year based division so that you can explore better for choosing the movie that you can watch in your free time. Although you might face a little difficulty because of the suggested images. You probably end up clicking on the wrong image if you are searching for a TV serial especially.

No Registration – No personal data is needed to enter the site as it is free and also does not need any sort of sign up, which is another point that makes it easier to use and understand. It is preferred to not spend much time on the site because of safety issues. As you possibly face issues because of the “Anti Piracy Act”. Just visit the site Moviesda, search the movie you want to watch, download it, grab some popcorn, and you are done. But at your own risk. Also, the site is completely free so there are issues with checking payment methods or plan like stuff. Just directly enter the site, download the movie and watch it.

High-Quality Movie Downloads – Even after this site is free and doesn’t ask for money for downloading still they offer the best HD quality and of course issues related to speed will not be there as it is available offline after downloading. This site developed a long time ago and hence it is a primitive site of India, that offers regional language movies. Although many sites offer free streaming of Tamil movies, it is one of the best among them with a huge variety. Mainly it was developed for people who want Tamil and Telugu movies as well as series of good quality.

Huge Collection of Movies – The following categories are available on Moviesda site:- Moviesda HD Movies, Tamil Rockers, A-Z Tamil, Latest Malayalam Movies, Latest Tamil Movies, Tamil Dubbed Movies, Video and Mp3 Songs of Tamil and Bollywood, even Hollywood and Hindi Dubbed version of Hollywood Movies are available as well. Although initially, users of this site were very few but because of its fast or speedy downloading feature, it became one of the best options.

How To Download Movies from Moviesda?

Using Moviesda for downloading movies is not difficult at all. The structure of the site is very basic and hence anyone can easily understand it. You can download Tamil and other regional movies and songs as well. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to download:-

  • Visit the site Moviesda using the link mentioned above.
  • Search for the movie you are looking for using the search bar.
  • You can also navigate using the menu bar to look for the movie you are searching for.
  • Once you have found the title you want to watch or download, click on it.
  • The movie page will appear on your screen with all details related to the movie.
  • You can read the plot of movie, watch trailer, or read other users comments on it.
  • Click on Stream In HD or Download In HD based on your needs.
  • Wait for a few seconds and your respective function will start.

You can also use third-party downloader tools like Internet Download Manager to download movies using Moviesda. Although using this website is very easy, if you are facing any issues you can contact us. There is a contact option available on Moviesda website too, which you can use to request for an upload or to ask them for help.

Questions Related To Moviesda Movie Download Website

Is there any app for Moviesda available on the play store?

There are some apps available on the play store for the same purpose of watching Tamil movies, but an app for Moviesda is not available so you need to use a website for downloading and watching Tamil, Telugu, and other movies or shows. But be careful while using the site. As it is free but illegal.

Can I Download Movies Using Moviesda?

Yes, you can easily download movies using Moviesda, especially Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu based movies. Steps to download a movie using this site are mentioned in the earlier section. But it is recommended to use legal sites for downloading or streaming instead of using pirated and illegal sites.

What Can I Do If the Moviesda site for downloading won’t work?

As it is an illegal site that publishes pirated content so because of this it is banned in India and this reason is enough that the site is not working. If you want to use this then try to enter it using VPN or search for other related sites. But make sure to be careful to avoid entering personal details for your safety.

Does Moviesda ask for payment before downloading any movie?

No, this site is completely free and hence you don’t need to pay anything for downloading any movie or song. Just visit the site, search for the movie, download it, and enjoy it at your own risk because it is illegal under the “Anti Piracy Act”

Final Words

Although Moviesda offers various amazing features, the servers of this site work fast and offer quick downloading. The quality of movies and shows is also worth watching. Also, the site is free and managed by a group that updates the content from an unknown location. But the problem is that it is an illegal site, which makes it not a safe site to use or visit.

Sites like Moviesda are growing even after these are against the laws of anti-piracy. Also, these sites affect the box office collection of movies because they publish the movies or shows as soon as they release on screen. Besides this these sites steal the personal data of their audience and possibly steal your mobile data as well so be careful. Using this site for downloading movies is not recommended because it is against the law.

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